Praying for houses to sell. Packing boxes. Planning goodbye parties. Turning things over at work. Taking stuff to Goodwill.  Lining up a place in Harlingen to rent. These things, and many more, are reminding me that this call on our family IS GETTING REAL! We knew this day would come, but as as we approach our day of departure, I think everyone in the family is facing mixed emotions. Each of us have friends and family here in the Carolinas that we will dearly miss. Jennifer and I have been here for almost 16 years, and this is all our kids know. But as my good friend Mario Reid said, laughing, “Jeff…you’ve GOT to go now–they’ve already given your job to Chad!”


Seriously, though, even through the fears and the goodbyes we are not looking forward to, the one REALLY COOL thing is the absolute confidence we have that we know we have been called down to South Texas to church plant and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. So, with some support still to raise, houses to sell, tears and fears, we’re packing, praying, and getting ready to head south in 3 weeks. Pray for us if we cross your mind, please.