Who we are

2013-01-12 DSC_7135bJeff:  Husband, Dad. Guacamole King. Refusing to accept middle-age gracefully. Always has a stack of 5 or 6 unfinished books on his nightstand. You call it ADD, he calls it multi-tasking.

Jennifer:  Wife of one and mother of four. Shy until she really knows you. Loves dogs, dark chocolate, vintage junk, and craftsman architecture. Often re-arranges deck chairs on the titanic.

2015-12-03 Alex DSC_6870 Alex:   Quiet, but funny. Defends the underdog. Loves electronics. Enjoys soccer, basketball, running, and playing with the dog. Favorite colors are purple and black.

2015-12-03 Trevor DSC_6885Trevor:  Empathetic and observant. Great artist. Loves to talk. Good dancer. Enjoys drawing, Italian food, Coca Cola, and hanging out with his friends.  Loves the color red.

2015-12-03 Elly DSC_6676Elly:  Sweet and thoughtful. Artistic and creative. Likes to read. Loves dogs. Enjoys playing with her friends, swimming, and being silly. Loves anything turquoise or mint green.

2015-12-03 Maggie DSC_6724Maggie: Spunky and determined. Loves to sing and dance. Animal lover. Plays with Legos, Polly Pocket, and Barbies.  If it’s pink, she’s all about it.


Dulce: Sweet and submissive. Loves to go for runs, sleep, chase squirrels, and play with her humans.